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 SSO for web application

Single Sign On for all applications

The Comtarsia SSO module is for all standard and individual applications customizable (Windows- and web applications)

Different user / password combinations for miscellaneous applications of the user can be managed

Storage of the user credentials optional in the LDAP user object or on Smart Card

Automatic password change respectively use of a Session password on the basis of predefined policies on the target systems
Authentication via user / password or Smart Card authentication.
A balanced mode is possible and not transparent for the user

The user only has to logon on the workstation once and has automatically access to all of the applications he needs

Single Sign On Client

The Comtarsia Single SignOn Client is the universal Single Sign On solution for Windows- and web applications with user/password respectively Smart Card/Token-logon on Windows workstations.
As plugin for the Comtarsia Logon Client or stand-alone version available.

SSO for Windows respectively web applications

  e-Mail Clients e.g.: Microsoft Outlook
  Database Frontends
  Internet Explorer based Web-applications

Integrated user credentials management

  Different user/password combinations for miscellaneous
     applications of the user can be managed.
  Storage of user credentials optional in the LDAP user
     object or on Smart Card.
  In combination with the Comtarsia SignOn Gate automatic
     password change respectively use of a Session password
     on the basis of predefined policies on the target systems.

Authentication via user/password or Smart Card authentication

Smart Card Authentication also for Application without Certificate based Client Authentication support.

Special features for web applications

  All aspects of the particular Internet Explorer instance can
     be configured/controlled (e.g.: blinding out the navigation
     bar, of menus, etc.).
  Individual, per application/workstation configurable,

After a certain timeout period the user can be prompted to repeat the password/PIN entry or to be redirected automatically to a logout page, or the web browser can be closed.

Integrated Smart Card Handler

  The in the Comtarsia Single SignOn integrated Smart Card
     Handler enables the particular SSO modules to control all
     aspects of a Smart Card logon.
  Support for multiple certificates, multiple Smart Cards and
     multiple Smart Card Reader per user.
     One certificate can be assigned one or more SSO applications.
     Smart Card events trigger actions for the prevailing

Single SignOn API

  Extensive SSO API for the direct integration in self developed
     applications. Via these API the needed SSO credentials can be
     readout anytime from the signed applications.
  Applications, for which SSO shall be achieved, can be signed
     and deposited central.
  The Comtarsia SignOn Client can be operated as stand alone
     module or in combination with the Comtarsia Logon Client.

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