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   LDAP Logon Client

LDAP in heterogeneous networks

Extensive management features for whole network through LDAP schema extension
Allows comfortable and secure logon via Smart Card and access to all resources
Single Sign On for web, Domino, 3270, Windows applications, customized applications
An existing LDAP directory can be used to authenticate Windows workstations
Investments into a highly available LDAP Directory are automatically also available for Windows workstation authentication and access to resource systems

Complete integration of Windows and Linux clients into LDAP managed network

Direct logon to the LDAP directory
Integration of Windows 2008, Windows 2012 and Windows 2016 Active Directory, Samba, Linux, Unix and Domino resources into LDAP managed network

Think about the future! You too can profit from employing a directory for
central user management for your network which is platform and vendor independent.

An increasing number of large corporations and public organizations rely on being independent through central user management because of numerous mergers and quickly changing system landscapes. Using a central LDAP directory to administrate users for the whole network is the only solution that makes expensive future investments unnecessary. Sign On Solutions developed by Comtarsia are the first cost-effective solutions to easily integrate your workstations and resource system into an LDAP managed directory.

The Comtarsia Logon Client allows to authenticate Windows workstations directly against a LDAP Directory and to use LDAP as central and prime User database.
The automatic user management and the password synchronization on resource systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. is taken on by the Comtarsia SignOn Gate.
Password policies of all current LDAP servers are evaluated correctly by the Logon Client and assigned through the automatic Password synchronization on all resource systems too. LDAP group memberships can be mapped on local groups of Windows workstations as well as on groups of the resource systems. Therefore it is possible to carry out the user management platform comprehensively and platform independently on the LDAP Directory and to accomplish the user independent management of                     


resources on the particular resource systems. Settings such as for example user directory, profile path, network aliases and network applications are definable on the user object via the Comtarsia LDAP schema extension and are evaluated at the logon and assigned to the logon session.

The Comtarsia SignOn Solutions offers full support for PKI Authentication. This means a secure and comfortable logon at workstations via Smart Card respectively Token and access to all resources in the network. Because of the automatic „Session Password“-Generation and password synchronization full support of not PKI compatible resource systems exist as well!

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